Containerization 101 – OpenShift

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift builds on top of Docker by providing tools to help orchestration of containers, scaling applications and managing containers. Web scale applications become very complex and even with the efficiencies of containers additional hardware will be needed for scaling. OpenShift helps make it possible to scale containers across multiple hosts. OpenShift also provides a nice CI/CD system whereby each time you commit code to a git repository OpenShift will perform a build and deployment cycle for your application.

What makes OpenShift Important?

Docker provides a great tool for an individual developer to work in isolation. OpenShift provides additional capabilities that it easier for a team to work together. Additionally, Docker doesn’t provide much in the way of management tooling to make Docker ready to be run in a production environment. OpenShift fills that gap.

Over the next few weeks I have several posts about Docker and OpenShift planned.  My goal is writing these is to lock in what I’ve learned.  Along the way I’m building a lot of sample applications, POCs, and demos.

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