Investing in yourself

My focus, from a technology perspective, is on containerization (Docker & OpenShift). I believe that the best combining a technology with something else. It’s like the start-up pitch “Uber & X” where you get “Uber for pets” or something like that (hopefully more useful). In my case the other thing I’m looking at is blockchain.

I realize “The Blockchain” is a technology, but really plays in to the business side of things. How the blazes are we going to do this stuff and what direction should I go? If this was 2009 it would be all about BitCoin mining, but that ship has sailed. Unless you want to invest a million dollars in a mining operation I think you’re wasting your time. I think the applications of the blockchain outside of money are where the action is going to be. What new businesses can we enable because of the blockchain? Can I change my own business as a free-lance software developer because of the blockchain?

Once thing about this does give me pause. I read Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” and I’m a bit dizzy. How the blazes did that unintelligible bit of writing create all of this? The paper is far from clear and leaves out a lot of critical information.

This is why I call this investing. It is not without risk. I’m investing my time and effort in to understand this with the expectations that I’ll profit. A clearer more easily understood paper would mean less effort on my part. Instead I’ll have to do more research. That increases risk and eats up more time….

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