VM face plant

For the past year or so I change how I have my workstation configured. I’ve taken pretty good advantage of Hyper-V and the bare metal system itself has very little installed on it. I mostly just do social media and blogging there. I have 2 other VMs that are used for work. One if my ‘Office’ machine where I keep work related stuff like email, documents and so on. Most is actually either stored in Exchange, Teams or OneDrive so it’s easy enough to get at documents from anywhere. The other VM is my development workstation where I have ALL of my development tools installed. Which brings me to the problem.
The Office VM is 300Gig! The Development VM is 400Gig! Along with the other smaller VMs and other files I have nearly filled a Terabyte SSD! DOH!
I don’t really want to throw anything away, but at the same time this doesn’t seem to be the great leap forward I thought it would be. The bare metal machine is just fine and the VMs run fast enough, but the development workstation just seems wrong. My original idea what to spin up a fresh VM for each project and then throw it away when I finished. Only install what is needed for that project so that the VM doesn’t become overgrown and so on. This should work well because all my project files go to either GitHub or VSO.
The Office machine should also be a lot smaller. I think the offline mailboxes are the problem. Do I really need email from 10 years ago? Do I really need to keep files over 10 years old?
Guess it’s time for some clean up and hard decisions.

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