Funny thing about growing in experience. Eventually people start referring to you as an expert at whatever it is you do. I’m always really uncomfortable about this title, it makes me feel like a fraud.

I always think to myself “don’t they realize I’m still learning?”. I’m constantly researching new things. I’m always reading other people’s blogs, watching YouTube and PluralSight videos. It never ends. As soon as I start thinking that I know something pretty well I find something new that I didn’t know.

It makes me wonder about people like Martin Flower, …. Do they feel the same pressure? Or are they comfortable staying on well worn paths and not wandering in the wilderness of the new?

I’m a big fan of BOFH and appreciate his definition for Expert -> ‘Ex’ as in ‘has been’, ‘once was’, ‘is no more’ and ‘spurt’ a drip under pressure. No thank you.

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