Rescue Support – Technologies

As I set out to build rescue support I have specific technologies in mind to use. It should be clear that I reserve the right to grab whatever technology catches my fancy along the way.   Getting started, the menu will include the following technologies:

  • XAMARIN Forms
  • AngularJS
  • Breeze
  • Azure
  • Docker Containers
  • Microservices

Part of the issue developers always run in to is focusing on one set of technologies means that they are missing out on others. I’m not really going to pay attention to Node.JS, AWS, and a bazillion other ‘new’ developments. There are also a lot of technologies I’ve not even heard of yet but will probably sound really cool later.

I’m also not listing everything here. For instance, Bower and some of the ‘new’ tools that have appeared on the scene aren’t listed but I’ll probably talk about them at some point. There are also the frameworks that are built on top of these tools. For instance, I’m going to use HotTowel as the starting point for my client. I also make use of Unity, Enterprise Logging and several libraries on the server side to make my life easier. I plan to talk about all of them along the way.

The wonderful thing about being a developer is that no matter what time it is there is always something new to learn. The scary thing about being a developer is getting left behind, waking up one day and finding out that nobody cares that you can seriously rock some IUnknown with your mad STL skills.

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