Perhaps you ought to reconsider those bad feeling you have toward those weird Libertarian folks.

From this:

Where Is Human Evolution Taking Us?

Not so much an article but some quick quotes on a favorite topic of mine.

My opinion, if it matters, is that humanity is either going to stop evolving or has already stopped evolving. We are going to start developing instead. Natural selection and mutation will give way to personal choice and economics.

Gene manipulation could allow you great choice in your physical appearance and conditioning. Want to be able to pack on muscle and burn fat like a hyperactive 5 year old? We have a gene for that. Want eyes that see near infrared? Nikon will make them for you.

How about eyes that also act as heads up displays. Software could provide you with facial recognition so as you walk up to that person whose name you keep forgetting your personal assistant (Cortana) reminds you that its “Bob” who works for RBH consulting you met him 5 weeks ago in San Diego and so on.

Hopefully the result of these advancements will be cures for most diseases. However, on the heels of those cures will be new problems. Integrating biological systems with digitals systems will deliver us the problem of who owns you, and how do we manage privacy? Apple lays claim to owning iOS, they also reserve the right to determine what applications you can and cannot run on your phone and if you jail break your phone you are cut off. What happens when that bit of technology has been integrated directly in to your mind? What happens when snapchat is performed just by thinking messages to a contact? That would mean the device could in some fashion read your mind. How do you feel about the NSA? Further, in order for the digital stuff to work it will need to be connected to a wireless network that would mean you could be physically tracked. Again, what are your feeling toward the government? In fact would it be unreasonable to expect a country like China to run a digital agent that monitors people’s feeling toward the government? Why stop there, why not help them feel better toward the government? Hell, why should Apple help you make the right buying decisions and feel good about them? Perhaps you ought to reconsider those bad feeling you have toward those weird Libertarian folks.

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